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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Too Much

I have been saying a lot lately, "Ohhhh, I have to blog about that" but darned if I can remember what I was going to write about. I know a lot was about Dion, and it was funny, so that makes me even more mad. I know one thing was something that just happened. Remember that little catchy tune of "X marks the spot, circle and a dot...."? I do that with Claire and she got mad at Dion because he didn't know that little ditty. I showed it to him. He giggled. I laughed out loud.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I remember a good one! We were watching Grey's last week and Dion said something about Dr Derrick Sheppard and how he was losing Grey to the vet. And what did Dion say??

"But he's McDreamy! She can't go with the vet!"

I laughed. Again.

Anyway, it has been very busy around here. My mom has been in the hospital all week, so I have gone to see her at night. Yesterday was Claire's 4th birthday and our 8th anniversary (we celebrated last weekend going to see comedian Frank Caliendo). Here's a little play by play of yesterday:

6:00am--got up with the girls
8:15am--Nadia & I took Claire to Pretty School
9:00--Nadia & I head to Mayo for my shot
10:15--check in at Mayo
10:45--get called back
11:15--get shot
11:30 head for home
12:30--pick up Claire
12:45-- give the girls lunch, Nadia naps
1:15--Claire & I make her cake
2:00--Claire rests, I clean the kitchen, do laundry
3:00--wrap Claire's presents
3:30--Claire & I decorate her cake
4:00--I start dinner for Claire's little party
5:15--Nadia, Claire, Dion, my Dad, my sister Cathy, and I eat and open gifts
6:30--we have cake
7:00--I take Claire to see my mom in the hospital
8:30--come home.

Now, is it any wonder why I was so exhausted yesterday? If there was, there is no more. I don't think I recovered until about an hour or so ago, and even now I am dragging. I have had a headache from hell today, but that seems to have cleared up with 600mg of Ibuprofen.

I guess that's it. I have some things on the back burner that I will get into with you later, I can't right now, because of lack of time and energy. But I will post some pictures of Claire and her party. She was so excited and said things like, "I can't believe it!" and "This is amazing!" She was funny. So here they are, in no particular order...

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