Friday, September 22, 2006

Stop The Madness!

I am sitting innocently helping the girls color some pictures when it happens. There's no controlling it, there's no way to stop it, there's really no way to avoid noticing it.....the eye twitch. That's right, the eye twitch. I am pretty sure everyone has had it happen one time or another but it has been all the live long day. Twitch twitch twitch. And why does it happen in threes? I have tried blinking very hard, eye drops, ignoring it (yeah right) to no avail. I mentioned it to Dion and I have caught him a few times concentrating on my right eyelid saying,

"I just don't see it."

"How can you not see it?!? There it is again!!!" Twitch twitch twitch. And again, just as I was sitting here.

So I went on the Internet to try and find out why an eye twitches, and are you ready for this?

  • Stress---me? Stressed? Nahhhhh....
  • Irritation of the Cornea or Conjunctiva--don't think this is an issue
  • Fatigue---I am Suzanne Fatigue Flaska
  • Lack of sleep---let's see....two toddlers, working part time, peeing every other hour at night, cancer crap.....
  • Prolonged staring at a computer screen or television---Oooops!!!
  • Nervous system disorders---what the heck is that?!?

There you have it. A multitude of causes of the eye twitch. I hate the eye twitch. It taunts me with it's little flicker and just won't leave me the hell alone. LEAVE ME ALONE! Twitch twitch twitch.....


Cindy said...


I have had the most annoying eye twitch for what seems like forever, really it's been here and gone for about the past two weeks.
I am glad to know that I am not the only one!!

Cindy said...

Bye the way, if you find a quick way to make it stop, make sure to clue me in!!!