Thursday, September 28, 2006


That is the refrain in one of my favorite muppets song. I'm not sure how I can like that song so much, and at the same time completely enjoy bopping to New Miss Booty too. It seems wrong. So be it.

I have made contact with another women in town who at 31 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Actually, I didn't talk to her yet, but to her husband. I have no problem with people I know telling other breast cancer people about me, and offering my number to them. But I have the knowledge and acceptance, that 1 out of 5 people actually call wanting some sort of support, which is fine. For me, as long as my name and number are out there to help others, I am happy. They need not call unless they want to, and I totally understand if they don't. Not many women want to talk about their boobs. I am on the opposite side, I will flash them to anyone who asks. I suppose that is the result of being groped and prodded one too many times.

"Welcome Sue, please check your dignity at the door and all will be well."

"You want to do what with that scope? And put it where?"

I really have no idea what the point is of this post, so, with that in mind......

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