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Saturday, July 29, 2006

From When to When?

As I was driving to my friends house to feed her cats this morning, I noticed these bright yellow signs posted for a garage sale. I thought back to a few weekends ago when we had ours and how hot it was and felt bad for these people this weekend. I saw the yellow sign, and it said from 7-9:30. Holy cow! Those people are devoted to their garage sale to stay out there that long! Wait. That's 7am-9:30am. 2 and a half hours? I would love to see how much they make in those 2 and a half hours. Why even bother setting up for a garage sale? Anyone who has done one knows how much time and effort goes into a garage sale. Oh oh....I only have a half an hour until it's over. Better get going if I want to make it.....

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