Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Saw My Coke Supplier

Diet Coke, that it. Today is Wednesday, but it feels like a Monday, but this is kind of a crazy work week anyway since I have to work Friday too, which I normally have off. Are you following? I'm not. That is why I leave notes for myself.

Monday I went to Mayo for my shot, and got to chat with my pals, the nurses and Bill (the above mentioned Diet Coke Supplier), and I was even lucky enough to cross paths with Hope, my breast cancer bud. We were able to chat for a few minutes, then it was off to radiation for her, and the shot for me. But, before that happened we were able to witness something that will stick in my minds eye forever. Mayo is a big building, or actually, many big buildings put together. Anyway, way down at the other end of the Gonda 10 building, I saw an older man on a scooter. And then I looked again. Well, how about that?!? There he was. A little old guy in his scooter, with a long fake white beard, and a red white and blue flag hat that stood about 2 feet up in the air. It rocked! And there he went, scootering down the hall to the elevator. Hope and I agreed that we hoped to be that way when we were that age.

Now, I would love to write more, but the girls are thinking it is time for me to deal with the crying and screaming. No, not mine. Theirs. Yup. I love the toddler ages.....

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