Monday, July 17, 2006

The Never Ending Garage Sale

I often wonder about myself. Often. We had the annual garage sale this past weekend, after deciding a week before that we were running out of time. A week. We had a week to pull everything together, and by God we did. And by God if it wasn't the hottest weekend of the summer...pushing 100 degrees! Then try being in a garage. Never fear though, I bought a snow cone machine and I ate blue raspberry slushies like they were going out of style. My lips were blue. Holy cow, I crave those bad boys. Anyway.....

The sale was Friday and Saturday, 8-5pm. 9 long hours to be outside trying to pawn off personal items. But we did. Dion and I ended up doing pretty well, about $100 more than last year, so that was good. So, with no further adieu, here are some interesting facts about our garage sale.

  • It was hot. All. Day. Long.
  • Our old neighbor from East Ave showed up, although I am pretty sure he didn't remember me since at least back then, he liked his beer, or whatever he drank.
  • We had items from 4 different families for sale, which makes for interesting bartering.
  • If you put out 3/4 or half empty bottles of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc, people will buy them for a quarter (thanks for the tip Bran!).
  • If you put out a random wood box that contains pens, old stamps, rubber bands, notepads, and more, someone will buy that too, despite a certain person's doubt (ok, it was me. I doubted. I still can't believe someone bought that.)
  • If you put out a basket for cancer donations, people will give and give and give (I earned an extra $68 for the cancer walk!).
  • While blue raspberry is a delicious flavor, cotton candy is, well, not so much.
  • Sometimes people you don't expect to show up, do. For example, my first oncologist.
  • I sold a rubber ball that wasn't originally for sale just to get a little girl to stop crying after I said it wasn't for sale.
  • I heard the phrase "Is it hot enough for ya" about as often as I heard the phrase "Is it cold enough for ya" in the winter.
  • Why would someone ring our doorbell and ask if the garage sale was inside our house?

So there are some of the highlights (or lowlights) of the garage sale. Are you wondering why I called it the Never Ending Garage Sale? Here's why....

I drove a little under 3 hours on the Sunday after the sale to meet up with my friend Brandy for the day. We tooled around St Cloud, spending money like we had it. One of our stops was at Cold Stone Creamery for Birthday Cake Remix ice cream ( ROCKS!). I talked to Dion who told me that some old guy who had bought an outdoor game set, came back to the house Sunday to ask if we had the directions to the game. He walked up to our door, rang the bell, and I guess really thought that it wasn't a big deal. I think he called Dion his buddy, or was it pal? I don't know, either way, Dion was not too happy the guy showed up. Kind of odd, but not so much in the old guy's eyes I guess.

So that was that. I will admit that all the stuff we didn't sell is sitting nicely in our garage, waiting for the weather to cool down to be packed up. The hell if I will go out there now and do it. Maybe when it's in the 80's, but certainly not in the 90's. I would wonder more about myself if I did that in this heat.

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