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Saturday, July 22, 2006

He's Kind of Like Beans....

He just keeps coming back to haunt us. For God's sake people, if you buy something at a garage sale and notice that the directions are missing, chalk it up to saving a few bucks and leave the poor souls alone.

That's right. Just when you think the saga of our garage sale was coming to an end....he's baaaaaaack! Only this time my mom was watching the girls when he showed up at the door (again) wanting to know if the directions to the game he bought at our garage sale were found (again). Seriously, I believe he spent a dollar on the game. And it wasn't even our game, it was our neighbors. Stop the insanity! Don't go back to garage sales after you purchase items, it's just weird.

I am hoping our encounter with the man who is like beans is over now. But for some reason I think it has only just begun.

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