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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Work Work Work

One of my staff were sick yesterday so along with doing my own shift I had to cover hers as well. I had a pretty good group of kids and decided that we would go to the gym to burn off some energy. We started with free play in which I pitched Whiffle Balls to some of the younger kids while the older one threw the ball up themselves and hit them against the gym wall. Most of the girls were on the scooters. I see that free time is getting a little old and change to a group game called Medic. I love Medic and actually all of the dodgeball-like games. We have a few kids who go and take a break to get water or go to the bathroom, and then I am informed that one of our kids is sick.

The poor guy. I dug out some lost and found clothes for him and called his mom to be picked up. We sat for a while chatting about this and that and I was amazed. I know in normal situations this child is always happy, always smiling, and by God if his personality didn't stay the same even after being sick. He is such a nice kid, you know, one of those kids you will never forget.

For a moment yesterday I was watching some of the kids and thinking. In the past I would be so excited to be able to work hands on with the kids. And while I had fun with the kids, I didn't feel that burst of energy that they usually give me. That feeling of "I love working with kids" feeling I usually get. I can only chalk it up to what is going on in my personal life because I have never not liked working with kids, they have never not energized me, and I have never not been excited to be with them. I don't know how to fix that.

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