Saturday, February 09, 2008


After my dad ended up in cardiac ICU they decided that maybe the Rituxin wasn't going to work for him. He went back to his regular room and started chemo Thursday night. He seems to be doing pretty well with it, and they are most likely going to send him home today instead of Monday which is good. I am just waiting to hear from my mom if that is for sure going to happen today.

Wednesday night I took the kids to my mom's house and went to see my dad. We talked for about 3 hours and I got a good understanding of what his wishes are. I also learned more about what he had done in his life and that he has no regrets. He is right in the fact that you can't dwell on what you did or didn't do since that won't change anything. While driving home I thought to myself that this was the most encouraged I had felt about eveything since it had happened. But today, because I have been thinking about it a lot, I realised that this is not the most encouraged have felt about the cancer, I think, in reality, this is the most encouraged I have felt about my relationship with my dad. We laughed together, we talked about feelings, about family, for 3 hours that night, it was just us being us. We were watching Wheel of Fortune and he said that after it was over I should really get going so I don't have to drive too late. The final puzzle came and went (the girl lost), and then on came Deal or No Deal. We watched that together too. I went home after that, soaking in the night's events, so glad that I went there to see him.

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Tammy said...

I'm so glad you're doing these updates. I wanted to go see him Thursday, but I ended up sick and therefore didn't want to go anywhere near him for fear of passing something on. I didn't even go to work. So thanks for the updates!