Saturday, February 16, 2008

In The Hospital

Just a quick update. Like I said, things change day to day. My dad is now in the hospital fighting an infection he got from one of his IV sites. His blood levels have dropped to a dangerous level so he can only have one visitor at a time, no kids, and the visitors have to wear masks. More to come, I'm sure.......

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Brandy said...

Hey, you were up early, how did you sleep?

I thought your comment was very honest- your mom and dad are lucky to have you there.

The pictures of Nadia hugging Claire, she looked just like you when you laugh, when you are REALLY happy. Then in the picture of her with your dad, she had your beautiful "thinking" face. It could of been you. She has that Sue Beautiful sparkle in her eyes and cheek bones. Just looking at her made me miss you.

If you need me, call, I will be there in a second. Well actually 6 hours plus potty breaks, Kwik Trip Urge break, diet coke refill- you get the point:) Love you.