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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Walmart, Again

Since I write so much about my Walmart experiences, you may be beginning to wonder exactly how much time I spend there. Easy. WAY TOO MUCH!

I was looking for some maple flavored sausage pattys, not quite sure why they were not with the breakfast meats, but whatever. When I was down by the milk area, I heard,

"Chirp chirp chirp!"

If it were the winter time, I would have wondered why a bird was in Walmart, but since the garden area is opening, it is not uncommon for a bird to sneak into the store. My main fear was getting pooped on, so as I walked, I glanced up. I spent the whole walk doing this very thing, and I noticed the chirps were getting louder. It's hard to look for sausage pattys while trying to make sure you don't get pooped on. Walk, walk, walk, chirp, chirp, chirp. I am lucky I didn't run into anyone.

Then, the chirp was right next to me. What the hell? Then I saw him. No, not a bird, but a dumb-a@@ Walmart worker, who happened to be stocking, yes, the maple flavored sausage pattys. Ughhhhh!! He was chirping like a bird. Like a read bird, and doing a fine imitation of it too. I was not so happy with the WM worker, but then, after a while I figured out that really, I was more unhappy with myself who walked around the whole cooler section trying to avoid a non-existent bird from pooping on my head.


Shari said...

Yes, you go to WalMart too much. ;)
Just kidding.

Me, I'd probably end up with bird doo on my head.

That must have been a sign. Follow the "bird" and you will find what you are looking for. LOL

We have a WalMart Super Store here and I probably go there about once a month. I used to go there once a week, but I don't drive anymore.

Amalia said...

Do you know what Wal Mart does to the little birdies that get in the store and poop on things??

Can they do it to that clerk instead?