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Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Some Pictures

Here are a couple of new pictures I thought worthy of adding. The dog Nadia is with is not real, so no worries. Doesn't Nadia have the saddest sad face you have ever seen?!?


Amalia said...

Okay, I must have looked at that dog next to Nadia forEVER before I actually read what you had written and discovered that it wasn't real. Could have (and did) fooled me! Nice work with the photography!


PS I was looking through some photography books last week and came across one that had women and men posed in black and white photos that prominently displayed their scars. The models said that having their scars photographed was cathartic for them - especially as the photos were done very tastefully. Maybe as a way to help get you through your upcoming surgery, you could have a photographer take some amazing pictures of yourself? Maybe to document your scars as the book did, maybe just so you feel as beautiful as other people think you are. I find professional photos make me feel more feminine, more womanly (which is nice considering how Butch I can be at times). What do you think?

Brandy said...

She really does look just like you.