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Monday, April 16, 2007

Got Milk?

Yesterday Dion and I spent a lot of time burning branches and logs and stuff after cleaning up the yard a bit. I ended up with quite a few scratches and as it turns out some kind of allergy from digging through all of that stuff. I had a massive headache by the nights end and took some allergy/sinus medicine with the thought of at least I will sleep well that night. And I did. I snoozed my alarm quite a few times, hoping not to wake Nadia who was sleeping beside me. She has a pretty bad cold so she slept in our bed, Dion was stuck on sofa-city. So with one of my last snoozes I heard some giggling coming from downstairs. Giggling. Not a good thing at 7:15 in the morning. I got up pretty fast, knowing full well what my girls are capable of doing. Baby oil on the walls, flushing play doh, trying to plunge the toilet, poop on the others head, and the list could go on.

I get dressed quick and get down the stairs to find them running into the living room, naked, with little spots of milk on their little bodies. Not a good sign, if you ask me. I head into the kitchen to see a half a gallon of milk dumped on the floor, and signs pointing to the fact the they were sliding on the floor, in the milk. A wonderful way to start the day, in my opinion. I begin to mop the mess up with towels, my fuse running a bit on the low side. I tell the girls to go get dressed through clenched teeth and off they go upstairs. I gather more towels (you wouldn't believe how much of a mess a half gallon of milk makes) and I hear them come downstairs. Nadia prances in first and says,

"Look Mommy! I'm wearing Claire's suit!" And sure enough, she is standing in front of me, wearing Claire's swimsuit. Claire makes her grand entrance wearing her Cinderella costume from last Halloween. Red. I saw red. And a dash of happily ever after.

"Gogetdressed!!!" More clenching of teeth. This time they did get dressed so I could get them to daycare and me to work actually on time. Happy frickin' Monday.


Kim said...

And I thought my kids were a handful. Wow. Sliding in milk. I would have seen red too...and a whole lot of it. You gotta admit (well, maybe in a few weeks) it was a pretty interesting idea. You've got kids with imagination. :)

Shari said...

You could write a book about your kids' antics and imagination.

You can look back and laugh. I would have been very angry, too.

I remember when my oldest was about four or five years old. For some reason she didn't want to eat her hot dogs. I made her sit at the table until she got at least three-quarters of it eaten. I got the dishes done, leaving the water in the sink so I can wash her plate and cup when she was done. About a good hour and a half later (after warming the hot dog two or three times in the microwave) she was done.

About three weeks later, I went into the lower kitchen cabinet to get some baking dishes out. They were behind her chair. You guessed it. Old, dried hot dogs in the cabinet and top cookie sheet. Aaargh!!

Amalia said...

At least your kids will never be dull!! I'm sure it's not funny now, but think of how ebarassed they'll be when you tell them about this in twenty years. Ha!