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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Ok, so if you are a "Friends" fan, and you saw the one where Ross buys a new couch and they have to get it up the stairs, you will relate. If not, move along.

Does anyone else do this, or are Dion and I just freaks? Anytime we have to move something together, one or both of us yells "Pivot"! Except if you want the true feeling, it is actually pronounced, piv-ut. You just said it, didn't you? Sucker.

Anyway, no matter the time, place, situation, mood, when one/both of us say this one little word, we both laugh like we just saw the episode. I really don't have a reason to bring this up, it was just something I thought about today and thought it was worthy to be shared with all 4 of my blog readers. Bwah-hahahaha!! Ok, ok...sheesh....3 readers.


Kim said...

I LOVE that episode. We say it too...ok, I say it and Lincoln thinks I am a freak. He married me...not my fault.

Shari said...

I like Friends, but I don't remember that episode. I must have missed it. When I see the reruns, I have seen them already. I want to see the ones I missed!!

You suckered me. Piv-ut.

Amalia said...

Friends has a moment for everything in life, don't you think?

"I can't get eNOUGH dinosaurs!"
(Another favorite Ross quote)