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Saturday, July 03, 2010

And Then it Was July

Wow....hey June.....where did you go? I can't believe that it's July already! Of course, the weather feels like July. It is hot today! My in-laws have been doing a road trip of sorts, and sent Dion a text saying that it was over 100 degrees in Vegas while they were there. Now THAT is hot. Speaking of Vegas, it will be in a mere 9 months or so that Dion and I will be going. I told him I want to take a trinket to the pawn shop featured in Pawn Stars. How awesome would that be?!?

When Dion and I were in Vegas for our honeymoon, we had a lone $10 bill after winning a little and we decided to put it in a $5 machine. We spun once...lost. We spun again, won $10. We spun again....lost. Hmmm. We spun for a last time.....won $100. Cash out. Thank you very much Vegas. Of course they are coming up with more and more online casinos if you prefer them. From what I have seen you can go to Online Casino Pedia which has all there is to know about online casinos. So if you're into that, then you may want to read up on the Top 10 online casinos just as an FYI. Always good to do some research on things before you do them.

A popular place to visit on the Online Casino Pedia is at the Casino King. I peaked around on there, but also found this video that shows some of the games available. It was pretty cool to see how the games work, and if nothing else, enjoy the music that accompanies it. I felt like I should have been in a spa, the music was so relaxing.

Anyway, I am pretty pumped about going to Vegas. I am sure it has changed a lot since we were always is changing. Dion doesn't like to play the games like I do, but maybe I can talk him into slipping a $10 bill into a $5 machine again. Maybe we will cash out another $100. Or maybe not. It is called gambling after all.....

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