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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday we went to a wedding of a friend of ours who works at the same company as Dion. It was beautiful. I was talking to another friend there and we discussed that after getting married, going to weddings has a whole new meaning. And it does.

We also talked about the coveted Vegas trip. When we went on our honeymoon, we stayed at the Treasure Island hotel, which was awesome, but next door to us was the Vegas Mirage Hotel. If you have never seen the volcano erupt, you certainly must, and can do so here. The way they were able to set up the lighting and water is so cool! I am so pumped to see it again, but this time take my super awesome camera to take super awesome pictures. They also play music and the water shoots in the sir to the beat. It's so neat! I can hardly wait to see it again. It's pure magic.

The Mirage is a pretty cool place to hang out and hopefully we will be able to. There's so much that I want to see and do, but have to remember that we will only be there for a few days. Being that it is a work trip, we have some things that we have to attend for Dion's work, but who could complain about that? MAN! I wish it were sooner! I have never been good at waiting.

So, while we are there, does anyone have any other suggestions of things we have to see? I know I want to go to the pawn store from Pawn Stars.....I HAVE to meet Old Man and Chumly. HAVE to!! Dion said he won't stand in line with me, so looks like I'm flying solo for that, but dude....totally worth it!

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