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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some Fun Changes

Did you see? Did you see? I found a little time to mess around with my blog and make some changes! Unfortunately, I somehow managed to lose the tickers for the girls and my marriage. Might have to work on that to get them back. But I do like the design, and the fact that there is a link to my Flickr page. Sweet.

One more thing, a while back I wrote about how stem cells are able to be harvested from adults. One of my high school friends who has the type of cancer my dad had, recently was given a stem cell transplant from her brother. Thank God for technology....prayers that the transplant worked.

Ok, off to make more changes to the blog.


RecycleCindy said...

I just stopped by to visit and look the new look. I like the bright and cherry template. Best wishes.

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