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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Never Could Juggle

I am finding myself getting more and more stressed as time goes on. I sat on the couch a few days ago, wondering how I was going to get everything done that needs to get done. Ironically, on my Laundry List, was laundry. It never ends. Never. It just grows and grows, until one day the laundry room explodes and I have no choice but to do 500 loads of laundry. And that's not even the worst part. Putting it away is another story. But, after tonight, I am happy to say that once again I can see the floor of the laundry room. For now.

I am feeling the pressure of getting stuff done around here and at my mom's house. My sister and I have been the ones packing things up and moving them to storage. My mom gets emotional because she is unable to help. I keep telling her that I can't do what I am doing without her there to direct me on what stays and what goes. And there's a lot of stuff. I spent time in the garage, finding all of the things my dad had stored 6 of the same screw driver set. And tools I have never seen before. And holiday decorations. Many of them. My dad loved the holidays for the simple reason that he loved to decorate. Halloween was his favorite.

Most of the plywood on the addition is on the addition. unfortunately, there is a section over the existing house that needed a tarp on it. We had strong rain today, and part of the tarp was blown off. That area is located in the laundry room. Hence the laundry getting done today. It got a little wet.

Yesterday I got the dumpster loaded with old siding and other junk ripped off of the house. It was dirty work, but here's how I feel about that. I was sweating. A lot. But I loved it. I love the feel of sweat rolling down my face. It is the sign of a honest, hard day of work. If I could have a job where I did stuff like that all day, not only would I be skinny from sweating all day, but the pain would feel so good. Odd, I know. I need to get back to the gym.

Tomorrow is the last day of the basketball camp the girls are attending. Day one was a challenge. Claire wanted to quit. I wouldn't let her. She wants to take gymnastics (again...she quit that about 2 years ago), but I told her that if she couldn't finish the commitment of basketball, she could not sign up for gymnastics (again...reminder, she quit the first time). It was a rough first day, but she stuck with it, and is actually having a good time. Today she made 8 shots in one minute. Nadia made 3....she is pretty short so the distance to the basket is so high for her. She was happy though, since she only got one yesterday. I originally thought I would take those 2 hours they were at basketball for myself. To do whatever I wanted. Go where ever I wanted. Just me. Alone. Except for the fact that I love to watch them play. I sit in the gym for the 2 hours they are there, and watch, and beam with pride. I can't help myself. It's just that I enjoy watching them play, more than having time to myself.

So that is that. I am getting tired, and to be honest, Wipeout is playing on DVR and well, that show is awesome. Good night, and big balls (if you watch Wipeout, you had to see that coming, right?).


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