Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter is Gone Winter is Back

Yesterday I went around outside with no coat. It was awesome. No bulkiness while I was driving my car, the smell of Spring was in the air. At least for the day. It was 46 degrees outside yesterday! Snow was melting, you could hear the drip drop of it, there were slushy puddles, I saw our driveway. For a little while. Today (technically yesterday) was a slap in the face. Literally. The wind chill was horrible! School was let out early due to the blizzard like conditions, and as I type this is is -12 degrees with a wind chill of -35, which means basically it is -35 degrees. If it feels like -35, then dang it, it is -35. Maybe tomorrow (technically today) there will be a temperature. Maybe.

Wed is also the day that I go to Mayo with my mom and dad. We have been pointed in one direction though. From the blood tests he had done the last time he was there, they know he has Lymphoma (which is what I thought). We don't know what kind, as there are many, but I think that is where the further testing comes into play. I have been poking around on the Internet and it seems, according to what I read, that he is in stage 4. Not good. Last night for dinner he had cottage cheese and some (deep intake of breath) Spam....I didn't even know he liked Spam. Yuck. But that was all he could eat. The fluid is pushing against his stomach making it hard and uncomfortable for him to eat. He sleeps very little, if at all, at night. He is in pain most of the time, and I hope that there will be some more answers tomorrow. I have a list of questions that I am bringing, plus an extra set of ears. That's always good.

I guess that's all I have for now. Well, I suppose I could mention that we wasted money on Nadia's bed since she has taken a liking to sleeping on the floor. She's an interesting kid, and for some reason has really taken on the Norwegian/Minnesotan accent. She's so cute! I would say that I am going to bed now, but in reality I am going to get into bed and stare at the ceiling for a while.

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Shannon said...

Hi Sue it is your cousin Shannon. My mom told me about your site today actually. I just heard about my uncle(your dad)I can not Image what you guys are going through again. I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you guys during this hard time. I know it has been years since we have all seen each other but can you let everyong know I'm thinking about you guys and I miss and Love you all. Take care.