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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Lifter

So in case you haven't noticed my blog has become uber-sad. I don't think I need to defend why it is uber-sad, but I did think it was time for a more positive post. So this is it.

By merely coloring a picture of baby Jesus, Dion's work awards every colorer a $10 gift certificate to what is known in this house as Old McDonald's. So as we received our free food money on Friday, we decided to take a road trip to Cottage Grove to go to the extra special Old McD's where there is a playland. We did that yesterday. It was crazy. Mayhem all over the place. Screaming kids, running kids (one in particular I really wanted to trip but I go the lecture from Dion that I should be an adult. I nudged him instead. Come on! He had it coming for how many times he ran into me and pushed his way through), parents with glazed looks in their eyes.

The I saw him. Do you watch the Office? If not, then just bypass the rest of this post or Google who Stanley is on the Office. Wait. Maybe I can put a youtube of him in here....Stanley at his best
There was a guy sans mustache at McD's that I swear was Stanley. He talked like him, walked like him, had the same facial expression when looking for his kids. It was him. I swear. Stanley let's his kids play in the playland just like you and me! Yippee!

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Laurie said...

Sue, I'm glad you got a good distraction.