Friday, January 18, 2008

Complete Randomness

So I watched Idol both nights. The first night was kind of, well, blah. Not a lot of substance to it. The second night was a little better. Then I remembered that last year it took a bit for things to get interesting, but even then, the auditions take way too long. I want to hear the good stuff sooner.

I had to go to the dentist....again.....becuaes I was losing a filling and quite frankly thought I was dying. How does one little tooth cause so much pain is beyond me. So I have the temps in and next month when I go for my Mayo check up I will get the true crowns. I should just get dentures.

This weekend we are supposed to have highs in the negatives. Sounds odd, huh? Like those words just should go together. Well, THEY SHOULDN'T! That's way too flippin cold! It says on my puter that it is 12 degrees out, and the windchill is -2. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 1-, with a low of -12. Lord help us in this tundra.

My sinus issues are coming back. It's like I get a week or so off every time and then BAM! They are back with a vengeance. I hate my sinus issues, I hate green snot, I hate constantly blowing my nose wondering where all of this is coming from, I hate sinus pressure/headaches, and I hate the taste sinus infections create in your mouth. If green had a taste, I bet it would be this.

Ok, I've got nothing else. I will be signing up for some Community Ed classes, one of them will be for Nadia and gymnastics. We tried it with Claire, but it didn't go so well. We'll see what happens this time. Now I must go pay some bills. People get mad if they don't get paid.

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