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Friday, May 25, 2007

A Well Deserved Looooong Weekend

After painting the cabinet doors in the kitchen, and painting the bathroom, I am looking forward to this weekend. There are a few things that still need to be done before our open house next weekend, but I think we can handle it. Did you know that some days we are owners of a new home, and some days we are not? Intriguing, I know. Here's a little step by step of how we manage to sometimes own a new home, and sometimes not.

  • When first listed, the house we want was at $189,900 (pre-home searching for the Flaska's)
  • Then it went down to $179,900
  • Then it went down to $169,900 (enter Flaska's)
  • We made an offer of $155,000, knowing the house was in pre-foreclosure and that was what the owner had paid for it two years ago (enter pain in the *** banks with the mortgages)
  • They turn us down because we have a contingency on the sale of our home.
  • Then it went down to $154,900.
  • Then it went down to $149,900.
  • We decide that we will offer $140,000 with no contingencies, closing at the end of July.
  • I think the banks have a temper tantrum because they ignore us. In the meantime we are looking for other houses and none compare in the amount of space for the money that this one does, with most of what we are looking for in a home.
  • We decide since they are being difficult, we would offer asking, which is still lower than what we originally offered them (idiots). And we wait.
  • And wait.
  • And wait.
  • They come back with a counter-offer of...are you ready for this??!? $153,000 and close before the end of June. They countered higher than their asking price!! Apparently, somewhere in the pre-foreclosing process, some under-writer made a mistake and apparently the bank thinks that we should be responsible for it.
  • We stew with anger for a day or so before countering their counter. We want our original closing date of the end of July and we will give them $149,950. No more offers. That was it for us.
  • Now in the picture we have the owners and the two banks. We have signed paperwork from the owners, saying we are buying the house. We have one bank who says no problem. Then we have the last bank who stands to lose money, who is holding up the show.
  • We have to pull any contingencies by June 1st and we have yet to have the house inspected because of all of the rig-a-ma-rore. Never fear! I have found an inspector who will be there on Tuesday morning to inspect a home that we may or may not own. Insane, huh?

So now you can understand why I say that I don't know if we have bought a home or not. I love living in my crazy world where anything that can go wrong, will and not in an ordinary fashion. Heck no, we GO ALL OUT LIKE THE TRUE SUPER STARS WE ARE! Keep on rockin'.

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Laurie Anne said...

I am want to move, buy a new home ...but I am scared to risk. Good luck to you all.