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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Calgon....Take Me Away!

I am sore. I am tired. My head hurts and my nose is stuffy. Today was a very productive day of cleaning the garage, Great Stuff-ing and caulking the gap between the house and foundation, cleaning out one of two storage rooms, fixing the sink, and of course the every day stuff of caring for two very active kids. I guess you can understand why I have a headache.

Tomorrow we have a little more work to do in the basement, and then we have to plan on how we are going to "wow" people that come to the open house. I know I will be buying fresh flowers, and I think I will boil some cinnamon sticks that morning. We are trying to think of other things to do to stage our house, but honestly, I am so tired of our house and keeping it up and fixing it up, that I just want to head for the hills. But I won't. That would just be plain old silly...maybe.

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Amalia said...

I once went to look at a house and the woman had a fresh pitcher of kool-aid with orange slices and ice in it. It looked soooo refreshing! I think I fell in love with the idea that if I had the house I could do that more than the actual house. It works.


PS SO happy your writing again! I missed your wit!