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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Take a Look Around

It's interesting, this selling a house stuff. Yes, we did sell a house before, but that was so easy, in an easy market, and we got $900 under asking. That was 3 years ago. Now, as we have matured a little (bwahahahah!!!) we have been looking at our home through the eyes of a stranger (thanks mom, for all the years of telling me that). You notice a little bit more when you do this. Like all of the things that hold near and dear to your heart, may make a potential buyer say "Ugh. What the heck is that?!?"

We have been painting, caulking, removing, switching furniture around, watching HGTV with hopes of some more ideas. Which, by the way, there's a show where a team comes in to help get a house ready for an open house and to sell it. The last episode, the couple got not one, not two, but three offers on the house that day. Why can't that happen to us? Oh yeah. we don't have professionals coming in and changing everything on their penny. My other favorite show is a home buying show. One episode I saw was a first time home buyer (26 year old girl, yes I said girl.) who was really torn between the $250,000 condo and the $209,000 condo. Ummm....really? Why do I call her a girl? Easy, many times she went up and down stairs squealing how much she "loves these stairs" in her high pitched little girl voice. Tee-hee....we'll see how much she loves those stairs when she is hauling her laundry up and down two flights. But I digress.

We have an open house next weekend, so this weekend is focusing on what we can do to improve our house. I get tired just thinking of it. I do find it interesting that all this time we have noticed that there's a gap in the door frame of Claire's door, that our bathroom color just may not be in everybody's best interest, that our cleaver laundry room baskets while in person don't look too bad, in pictures they look....well...yikes. Why didn't we take care of these things before? I'm not sure. I guess just life gets in the way and these things get overlooked in our house. I will try to do better. I promise.

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