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Friday, May 18, 2007

Playing Catch Up

To say that things have been a little out of control lately, would be an understatement. A week ago yesterday we had our realtor open house when other agents can go through your house from 9-2pm. Assuming that each agent left a card, we had 17 people go through our house...possibly more if they didn't leave a card. And this is how this week has gone...Monday a showing, Wednesday a showing, and we have another one tomorrow. What has surprised me is how easy it has been to keep everything in order, even with two girls who live and breathe to find something to get in to.

I had my post-op check and everything is hunky dory. I have felt fine since a week after the surgery, which is good. I have had a few moments to sit back and reflect on the past two years, and more importantly, this last surgery I had. Not to sound cliche or anything, but I have this new inner peace of mind. I am astounded at how my thought process has changed. Like I actually am done with cancer stuff. Or at least until my next 6 month check. It's kind of hard to explain. I feel like some doors have been opened, and now I can get back to life, my new life.

I am looking forward to the summer, Dion and I have actually talked about taking a vacation. By ourselves. Maybe. We'll see. I tell you people, life sure is good.

Now, for some shameless begging. As you know (or now you do), Dion and I participate in the local Relay For Life every summer that is held at one of the parks in town. We form groups and raise money and walk and share memories. It is a life changing event each year, from before I was diagnosed to now. If you would be interested in donating to me, let me know. Every penny counts, every penny can make a difference. You will also be able to purchase a Luminaria in honor of someone or memory of someone for $5 each. If you just want to do the Luminaria, that counts as a donation. Every year I donate $50-75 and use about $20-25 of that as Luminaria money. So, here's your challenge....last year I raised about $1000. I would love to beat that this year! If you are interested, send me an email.....

and we can go from there. If you're not interested, that's ok too. I just ask for you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the event. Ok, have to run. Happy Friday everyone!

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