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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Funsies

I suppose I better explain the word "funsies". Way back when, pre us-dating, Dion and I had a J-Term class together in college. Some people really took a class with meaning, some people took a class for fun, and some took a class to fulfil a requirement. That was Dion and I. We took a math class. We both looked at each other and started to wonder why there were puzzles on the desk by the professor. That was a bad sign. Anyway, during one class she did something, worked out a math problem or something, and said, in all her glory,

"Now wasn't that a funsie?"

That was 15 years ago. We still use that term. So that's what a funsie is. But I digress.

Here are some things that have made me laugh lately because I have been focusing way too much on being sad. So, I will be on sad vacation for a moment, to share.

I love watching scary movies. I have to cover my mouth so as not to scream out loud, but I still love them. Dion remains calm throughout the flicks, except when he gets startled. Then he says, "Ah." It sounds fake when you hear it because it is so mellow, but it's real. That is his expression of fear.

The other day the Weather Bug started to chirp, which means that there's some serious weather coming. Kelsey does not enjoy a good storm. She freaks. A lot. So Dion was trying to calm her nerves by making fun of her, I was clicking on the Weather Bug to see what was up, and Kelsey was yelling, "This could be serious! What if there are tiny spaceships attacking earth?!?"

My friend Brandy has a sister-in-law who knows how to do the entire "Thriller" dance. She does it sometimes when we got out and I about pee my pants every time.

My dog's breath smells like old poop. Ok, not really a funsie, more of a not so fun fact.

We have 4 cats, all of whom I love dearly for very different reasons. They are rather goofy, and they make me laugh every day. They have all been rescued too.

Kelsey taught the girls the cha cha slide. They are better than I am.

I got nothing else right now. I have to write things down more as they happen so I can remember. Or maybe just write things down at all. That would probably help.

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Jay said...

That's funny... I mean funsie. That Thriller dance must be hysterical. Does she do the "hoo hoo" thing Michale Jackson does? I bet it isn't as high pitched as his. And the dogs breath smelling like poo. Reminded me of our dog because we never had to change the litterbox. I called them "Kitty Treats". My wife was not ammused.