Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sarcoidosis Returns!

I finally got the biopsy results from the little bumps on my leg. Once again, it is Sarcoidosis back with a vengeance trying to take over my pink ribbon tattoo! But never fear! I am armed with a cream that will take those little bumps back down to nothing. Who does this Sarcoid think it is?!? First, four years ago, it scares me into think the cancer returned. Now it thinks it can just come back into my life and scare me again? I think not.

But I have to add that I am more than happy to have it be the Sarcoidosis than the alternative. I will take that any day.

On another note, Nadia has been dealing with a high fever (104.7 this morning). I had taken her in yesterday and they did a strep test (negative) so it's been tossed up to a virus going around that lasts a couple of days. The strep test was interesting. I told her to open her mouth for the doctor, but of course she wouldn't. He got the tongue depressor in and she bit down. He got her mouth open enough to get the swabs in, and she bit down on those as well. So now she has the wooden stick and two cotton swab sticks poking out of her mouth. The doctor was trying to get them back out by moving his hand left to right and all I could think about was a tug of war between a dog and it's owner.....grrrr....grrr...grrrrr! He finally got them out and tears ensued. What fun.


Shari said...

Me, too. I'm glad it's not the C-word.

Lately, I've been focusing on Sad. I need to get some "funsie" in my system. :)

I'm trying to picture a little girl growling at the doctor. Hmmm.

Debbie said...

Hi Sue,
Glad to read that your feeling beter.
Sorry to hear about your Dad. I just got back from Houston because my dad is ill. It's terrible having to watch our parents age. Matter of fact, IT SUCKS.
Take care.

Brenda Starr said...

You are amazingly strong and simply amazing...