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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So Many Things, So Little Time

And that can refer to so many things on so many different levels that I don't even know if I can go there. But I'll try.

You won't even believe this. I paused to dip my Keebler Snack Stick into my Spinach and Herb dip, and I totally lost my train of thought. Ok, I guess I will just spend some time highlighting some events. I still claim chemo brain, which I believe I have earned that right for the rest of my life.

I had to go to Mayo today for my shot, and while it was being injected, the pain was minimal. Now, however, I can't lay on my right side, and, some chairs hurt when I sit in them. My friend Hope and I coordinate our appointments so that we are there together. We like to chat and laugh and we probably make the older crowd a little nervous, but for me, it is wonderful therapy. Anyway, the room will seat 6 patients, and when we were there, 5 of the chairs were filled. All of us were breast cancer patients. I was the youngest, since Hope was born 7 months before me. Ha ha! I said "Hey! This is the boob room!" Hope and I laughed, the old women did nothing. Oh well.

I took 11 paper bags of clothes to a store that remains nameless but they sell clothes that were once upon a child. I think they took out 10-20 things and gave me $20 for them. I had to haul all of those God forsaken bags of clothes back home. And I was so nice about how I sorted them. Not only by size, but by season. All for naught, those jerks. I don't think I will do that again, except that each store is individually owned so that could make a difference. Seriously, I had outfits PINNED together, and cute ones too! That's it, I am going to just eBay the rest, or maybe give some to a teacher at school who has a little girl. Either way, they are getting out of my hair.

We have some serious cleaning we have to get done before the holidays. I think I am having a hard time accepting that it is the holidays because we have no snow, what-so-ever, and that's sad. But anyway, I am going to do some major cleaning in the next few days, at least I am going to try. Plus I have some baking to do. We have no cookies, and the tub of cookie dough in the fridge by Pillsbury doesn't count. Well, it will count when we are eating them, but it's kind of cheating.

Some people use the word literally too much. Have you noticed that? For example, "I literally puked my brains out," or "I literally coughed up a lung." No they did not. They could not be holding that conversation with me if they puked their brains out. For sure some doctors would want to study them and see how they were functioning without a brain. You can't say literally if it isn't literally. As Dion pointed out they are the people who say, "I could care less." No! That's the point! You are trying to prove that you don't care, right? So you couldn't care less. Couldn't people, stay with me here. Why am I talking about this? Well, the couldn't care less part was kind of a tangent, but the literally part does have some meaning. I was looking for gloves in Dion's trunk, and I can say, with all honesty that everything, including the kitchen sink, was in there. You see, we have to replace our kitchen sink, and there, sitting before my very eyes, was our old kitchen sink in his trunk. It's not a big trunk people! And I couldn't find matching gloves, as much good it did for me to look, since everything was under the kitchen sink.

Does anyone who reads this play hide the pickle at Christmas? Now, don't be dirty and thinking naughty thoughts, you perverts. They were talking about it on the radio today, and I guess I had heard of it before, but forgot. All I could think about were the outtakes from Grumpier Old Men when the old dad is trying to pick up a lady in the food store. I had to laugh. Those were good movies.

Well, I guess I have gone on and on and on enough. For now. I am looking forward to the holidays with my family, and I can hardly wait to see the girls open their gifts. I suspect there will be some squealing. That rocks.

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