Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Audacity

My husband, what a kidder. He challenged me to a coloring contest. I, who work with children and have spent countless hours coloring and doing crafts with them. I warned him that I was a professional, but did he believe me? Unfortunately for him, not for one minute. So I pulled out the markers and crayons and went to work. It is actually a coloring contest through his work, and everyone in the family can participate. I outlined, I blended, I used coloring techniques to keep everything evenly shaded. Then Nadia was yelling for me upstairs. So I took up a diaper because every night around this time she needs a new diaper. Instead, she wanted to sit on the potty (YES!!!), so it took a little time to get her settled back into bed.

I go back downstairs and continue with my awesome coloring. I fill out my name with fun lettering and funky colors, thinking I have this thing in the bag. Until I saw it. At first I thought that Dion ambushed my picture, but the coloring looked all too familiar. The victim was a sheep, and the poor thing was colored purple with harsh strokes of a crayon. I gasped (I really did). Dion said that Claire had come down and really liked my picture and must have colored it when he wasn't looking. Hmmm. I thought about that for a minute and said,

"You told her to do it, didn't you?"

He laughed and said no as my hopes and dreams of winning the coloring contest began to fade. Claire snuck back downstairs, so I walked her back up to her room. As I tucked her in, I asked her if she helped Mommy with her picture. She smiled her great, big, proud Claire smile and said,

"Yes, I colored the dog purple."

Sigh. How can you be mad at that?

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