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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hair, It's Been a Fun Ride

Well Hair, we've been through a lot together, and have seen many many changes. Remember when I was a wee one and you were so blonde you were almost white? That was cute. As I grew you became a little darker, but still blonde. And then there was the time that my mom must have put a bowl on my head and cut you. Now, as a parent, I can understand why. Then from kindergarten to about 4th grade you sported the same look, straight as a board, but never fear, it was the 80's and a perm was in your future. And a perm you got. Remember sitting in those stinky curlers with those fumes making my eyes water? Sorry about that, Hair, but it was the 80's, the decade of the large hair.

It was around that point that I let you grow a little, and in the 90's you were long enough that for one of my basketballs games, one of my teammates put a french braid in you. Remember how tight it was? I think I got a minor form of a face lift that day. Then I cut you off again to just under my ears. Then I went to work at camp, when we cut lose, right? Now you were back to short and shaved all the way under. Yeah, we lived on the edge, Hair.

You sported a short cut when I went to college, but by the time I left you were long with layers, for a little more volume, and highlighted. Those were fun times, right Hair? Then it happened. I got cancer. I know you understand that to live I had to put that poison through my body. But that also meant that I had to sacrifice you. Even with all that we had been through, I had to let you go. Remember, first, before my surgery, I cut you to a bob length? I loved that. I told Dion that it made me even more sad to lose you, and I cried for you. I received my first treatment and I knew I had limited time with you, Hair. I went to get you shaved off because I knew I would start losing you in large chunks. Remember that hair stylist? She wouldn't do it. She really thought that there was a chance that you wouldn't fall out. No offense, but I knew you wouldn't make it through treatment with me. I had to let her cut you short, I didn't have the energy to fight her. I knew I would come back the next day and get the job done with someone else. And ugh, that was the worst I had seen you. That haircut depressed me more than the thought of shaving you off. Again, no offense.

I went back the next day and thankfully that girl wasn't there, but someone I knew was. I told her everything and she got out her clippers. Bzzzzzzzzz...the last time I had heard that sound was in college. And here we were. I watched you fall to the ground like feathers. 29 years of history, falling to the floor. Do you remember what I had her do then to you Hair? That's right, she shaved "I 'heart' D" on my head. You could read that for a few days before the rest of you fell out.

I never knew the ups and downs of not having you, Hair. It was the summer, so I kind of like the cool feeling. But I didn't think that it wouldn't be until late fall that you would come back to me. With you gone, I got a lot of comments on my fine shaped head. I matched my oldest brother's head. I had some moles hiding under you that I never knew were there. Then you made an appearance. You made my head look like a dandelion...just these fine blonde blonde wisps. I was really excited to see how you would come back to me. Would you be straight again, or curly, blonde or brunette? I could hardly wait. Then the dandelion wisps fell out. Dang it, we were getting close!

Then I felt something on my head. It felt like a bug crawling, but it was only when I went outside. Hey! That wasn't a bug! That was the wind blowing you! Hair! You were coming back! It took some time, but then I saw them....the curls! You were coming back curly! I was excited until you just kept getting wider and wider and not longer and longer. You were SO curly!! Everyone was amazed by you, some were jealous. That was a bittersweet thing to hear. I can understand being jealous of curly hair, but did they forget what I went through to get it? Anyway, you finally started to settle down, and I had gotten a few trims here and there, I was a little hesitant since I finally had you back. Then you began to relax. The curls were leaving us. I was mixed on my emotions. Even though you were difficult as curly hair, I liked you. Now you were starting to settle down, and I was back to a place where I didn't know what to do with you. So I cut you again, right below my ears. You have taken on a pretty wave, but I still have issues styling you at times. But we'll be ok, right Hair? We've made it through the 80's big hair, perms, buzzes, and chemo. We're up for the challenge, right Hair?

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Fran said...

Sue I love your "Ode to Hair". I am so thankful to have mine back albeit super curly!! It is starting to show signs of settling down a bit, but without massive amounts of hair product it still has a mind of it's own. It is still growing OUT rather than down, but I know that too will change. I know there are MANY bad hair stages ahead of me, but I hold tight to my mantra...any day with hair is a good hair day!

Hair rocks!