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Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Office

Every time that show comes on, I never ever go past the theme song on our DVR. Never. I figured out why. It makes me happy. You see, I started watching The Office when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew for those 30 minutes, that I wouldn't have to think of cancer. All I had to do was wonder what prank Jim would pull on Dwight, what dumb thing Michael would say, and why the heck was Pam with Roy? 30 minutes. Not a long time. Unless of course you're afraid you're going to die.

To this day, that theme song means the world to me.

Just thought you'd like to know......


The Office Security said...

You're insane. Time for Mommy Little Helper. A walk-in clinic in the mall should help in this regard.

Sue Flaska said...

Ummm....ooooh-kaaaaayyy. Not really sure what this means, but hey, thanks for stopping by.