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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Not a Good Sign

I find it kind of scary that I am tired after this weekend. It's not like we did anything spectacular, it was pretty quiet actually. I am however, feeling like I could go to bed right now. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out things that I can do with the girls this summer that cost little to no money. It's a challenge I tell you. There are low cost things to do, but you have to drive to get there, which costs money. I am not too sure this whole new job without working in the summer is going to work out for us. But I will try to be positive, try to think of things to keep the girls busy, and try not to buy anything but food and toilet paper. Sounds like a fun summer, huh?

This upcoming week I will be taking the girls to my mom's so I can continue with packing her house up. It is rather overwhelming, trying to get all of this done. She wants it ready by the middle of the month. Yikes. Lots to do. Let alone things that have to get done around here.

But on the home front, the garage is starting to come to life. It is framed and you can actually start seeing what the finished product will be. It's exciting. But at the same time stressful. Well, that and other things going on. But that's for another time. Maybe. I actually think the added stress is why I am tired.

I haven't been able to take many pictures as of late, but when we went to Illinois I was able to take some. You might be able to find me on Flickr and see some of the new ones. I need to get out more though. It's good for my soul.

And I need some good things for my soul lately.

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