Sunday, November 01, 2009

Laptops. Are. Awesome.

For quite a few reasons, but look at how many times I have blogged in the past few days. All because of easy access and the fact that I cab get on the Internet rather fast as opposed to our desk top computer which does not work very well. I tried to tell Dion that he should ask for a netbook for Christmas, but he ignored me. I am not sure what that means.

So here we are. Nadia's temp is 99 degrees, down from 103. Claire on the other hand, has gone from 100 to 102. It seems like her body is having a harder time fighting off whatever this is than Nadia's body did. We have the sleeper sofa pulled out and they are resting on that whilst watching Spongebob. I have a feeling that Claire will miss school tomorrow. I have no clue about Nadia as of right now. She has been out since last Wednesday, so it would be nice to get her back into the grove of things.

Anyway, here are some sites for you to check out. One is flickr . If you are interested in looking at some of my pictures, look under flaskafive. I haven't posted anything on my other blog as it takes so much time to upload the pictures, and since I have other locations where I post photos, I have kind of ignored A Different POV. Anyway, here is another site for you....

here. It is the photo club that I am involved in. You can look for me there as Sue F. But also take a chance to look around at the site. It is pretty awesome and has a lot of talented work on it. Way better than my stuff.

I am hoping when things slow down a little that I can get back into taking pictures on a more regular basis. I have missed it. Man! It seems like I have my hands in so many different things that it is hard to keep track of all of it. Pictures, blogging, writing, the gym, and then of course the two jobs, two kids, and a husband. Then we can go even further with my mom, my sister, all of our pets, laundry, cleaning, Facebook (come on! FB takes a lot of time!)....yikes. If only there were a few extra hours in the day and one extra day on the weekend. How great would that be? I would call the day Octoday. And that day would be devoted to only doing my hobby type stuff. Children would have to entertain themselves and for once get all of their own stuff and maybe not even whine. For. The. Whole.Day. Ahhhhh....bliss........

SNAP! Back to reality.

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