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Monday, November 02, 2009

This is Getting So Old!

Both girls were home again today and will have to stay home tomorrow too. I thought Nadia was on the upswing, but she spiked again to 102. Poor Claire woke up this morning at 104.8. It has been a long rough day for the Flaska family, and tomorrow doesn't seem like its going to get much better. I just want all of this crap to be over! It's not looking too good right now though. Tomorrow will be a call to the doctor since Nadia has been out for almost a week straight. I keep worrying about dehydration ever since it happened to Nadia last year and she had to be in the hospital. That was horrible!

On the bright side, I got a little bit caught up on laundry today. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to put it all away. Sounds like good times, eh? My goal is that come Friday, my day off, both kids will be back in school and I won't have any other obligations and can enjoy my day off. It seems like the last few weeks that hasn't been possible. Mostly it seems like that because it hasn't been possible.

I am horribly addicted to Facebook and all the evils that go with it. Cafe World? Play it, love it. Farkle? Play it, get mad at it. Chats? Yep, you can find me there. What an evil empire FB has become! But in the way like when you have a bug bite and it hurts to scratch it, but at the same time feels so good. That is Facebook. I would be in Cafe World right now but I know my next dish has to cook for another 5 hours, so I'm good.

We are planning our second annual trip to the dells, but upping the amount of people that go. It will be the four of us, our neighbors family of four, my college room mates family of 3 and Kelsey and possibly her beau. 13 of us! It is going to be awesome! We are getting a 3 bedroom deluxe lodge with a full kitchen. The girls ask every other day how many more days until we go to the dells. Might be a long few months!

I miss the gym. Ok. There. I said it. I miss the gym! I miss the rush it gives me when I am done, I miss the sweat, I miss the ultra clean smell of the towels, I miss my music, I miss my alone time. Another reason that I hope all of this illness stuff goes away soon. I am sure that I have gained everything I lost last month right back. Drats! How frustrating.

Nothing yet from the doctor for my mom. Oh, the city has approved the addition (minus a set of steps from the deck to the ground, but that can be changed) for our house for my mom. It looks like, right now, we will be starting in the spring. Hopefully she will be done with her surgeries (at least one of them) by then. That would be nice.The blueprints are pretty cool. I hope it all works out.

Ok, have to run. That's all for now.....


Kim Sjoquist said...

CAFE WORLD! Addicted I am.

Sue Flaska said...

I know! Your cafe is so cool looking!