Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Note to the Virus in Our House

Dear Dirty Virus,

You have been an uninvited visitor in our house since October 17th. You hung around Dion like you were pals from long ago. You made him hang out with you and miss work, and really provided nothing to the relationship. So you left for a bit. For some reason you came back on October 29th, once again uninvited. This time you thought you would spend some quality time with Nadia, and two days later thought you better hang out with Claire too, so as not to make her jealous. That was very considerate of you, not playing favorites and all.

It was nice of you to spend Halloween with us. We really were hoping you would stay around so we couldn't go trick or treating, so thanks for that. And while we thought that it was about time for you make your exit as you had totally over-stayed your welcome, you just weren't quite ready to leave. You hadn't yet made Claire's temp get close to 105 and while that was a hefty goal, you succeeded. Way to go.

I know Nadia can be rather active so I totally understand why you switched your focus to Claire. She tends to sleep a bit more than Nadia when you visit. I can understand that you needed a break, you know, just a little time to relax and hang out. Claire certainly fit the bill for that. Just when I thought you were getting ready to pack your bags and leave today, you hung around enough to give Claire a headache and a temp of 101.1. Just enough to allow her to hang out with you tomorrow instead of going to school. You must have needed just one more day of quality Claire time.

But now we have got a problem that we need to discuss. I can understand wanting to hang out with my kids. They can be funny and rather dramatic, the offer interesting insight into things. But the buck stops there. I think I can feel you hanging out in my muscles. I am having to use a blanket and put my hood up to keep some of the chills away. I think you are familiar with the chills. I believe they are friends of yours.

So I hate to be rude and all, but Virus, you need to get the hell out. You are not welcome in our house any longer, I don't want to be your host (ess). So please move on and leave us alone. The Flaska's have had their fill of you.



E. Chikeles said...

lol- poor you guys!

This reminds me of your Mom... the way you say that was very nice of you and all. Wonder when you'll get the laugh... =P

Sue Flaska said...

NEVER!! That is a Carol original!