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Sunday, October 11, 2009


This too shall pass.
What a crock.I should never utter those words again. Things have gone from bad to worse with EVERY aspect of my life. How is that possible? The only real joys in my life right now are my kids, and what few time I have with Dion. And now that is going to get worse because my job has changed. I will be done with my current position in the near future and this is why. I was told this summer that my job was changing. That it would no longer be just what I was doing, but that it would be a combined position of about 4 different jobs in one for an extra 8 hours in the week, and 5 less in the summer as it would go back to just the one position then. That alone spells disaster. I guess it was really unknown how many extra hours I put in during the last month of the summer when all the college kids were gone and there were no extra staff. And there's 5 hours less? Yikes! But because the description had changed the job had to be posted, and I would have to apply and interview for it. Really? Or I could take another position within for 5 hours less a week and no summers. Call it ego, whatever, but besides not wanting to do 4 different jobs with a pitally 8 extra hours, I didn't want to interview for my job. So that leaves me with the other position within. It's quite a pay cut and I am not so sure how we are going to make it financially. We weren't doing so hot already. So basically what I have been trying to do is piece together all these different jobs to try and make ends meet, and really all that is doing is making me a basketcase trying to keep a handle on this schedule. And what was supposed to be a position where I could "spend more time with my kids" has turned in to anything but. Any suggestions? I will no longer have time for my hobbies, my family, or me really and the thought of that sucks. Suckity suck suck sucks!

Things with my mom have gotten worse. She can stand for maybe 5 minutes then is in so much pain that she has to sit. We went to Mayo for her back, they said no way until her wounds are fixed. We went to a surgeon, who sent us to this pompous ass doctor. "but he is one of the best!" One of the best of what? Being an ass? Yep, I agree with that. I am still not sure where we stand with all of this except that I take her back to Mayo on the 27th. So as of now they are looking at November to do a skin graft to close up the wounds. Who the hell knows from there. I am not sure if it will be the hernia or the disk that will be fixed next. I look forward to her being closer so I can help her more, but with my schedule how it is right now, I don't have a lot of time to help her. Thank god Cathy is here and can help he with things.

I hear my kids moving around upstairs. I have about an hour to get ready for doing nursery at church. Better grab my time with them while I can. Lord knows I need to.


E. Chikeles said...

I think you need cute baby time. =)
love ya!

L'uragano (The Hurricane) said...

Sending prayers and warm thoughts your way. I'm sorry things are crap right now...