Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Tired of Sinus Cavities

I just can't seem to shake this sinus stuff. It's gross, and making me feel like crap, and I just don't like it. goes life.

I took my mom to Mayo again today. Two times this week...I could do the drive in my sleep...but I won't. Anyway, they did some blood work and checked her heart even though she is pretty much cleared for surgery already. Now we are waiting for her general surgeon to find her a non-ass plastic surgeon. I told her to call next week and see if anything has been done about that piece of the pie. I hope for her sake that this happens soon. She is just miserable and in so much pain all of the time. This needs to be done.

Nadia has been out of school since Wednesday with a fever and a cough. Claire joined her today with a fever. The odd thing is that neither of them are acting like they are really sick. I don't get it. I almost wonder why they are home, then I remember oh yeah, fever.

This past week was so busy. I have yet to go to the gym in the past 2 weeks and I actually really miss it! Crazy, huh? Never thought there would be a day that I would say that I missed the gym...but here it is!

I got a new laptop and it is so slick for editing photos, never mind all of the other fun stuff that goes with a laptop. Like for now, for instance. I bought a router, so Dion is on the desktop computer and I am on this, and we both have access to the Internet. Awesome! I think I will be able to do more now that I have this laptop.

Another example, I am going to transfer all of my children's stories I wrote onto here and add to them. I am pretty pumped about that. I have been missing my writing, both on my blog and stories. I have an itching to work on an adult story, but keep stalling on that one. Maybe it will come to me. Until then I will settle for this. Which isn't too shabby.

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Tammy said...

I hope I get to read your stories soon. I'm sure they're great.

Dirk and I have been fighting this sinus/flu stuff now for a couple of weeks. He finally went to a doctor and got some anitbiotics and is like a new man. In fact, he has so much more energy that it can be....annoying. I'm still fighting whatever it is but I don't think it's bacterial so it'd be a waste to get meds.

Glad to hear you got a new computer. Now it gets really sick if you're sitting in the same room or house with your husband and chatting on Facebook. Ha ha.