Saturday, November 24, 2007

When Things Just Don't Seem to Be Going Right

Here are a few things that I have seen in the recent past that have made me stop and think. Sometimes we get into this negative funk, thinking the worse for everything. It is at that point that I have to stop and think, or watch, or listen and I see that things may not be always as them seem. For example:

A little while back I was looking up the hill from across the street. I saw a lot of movement and what looked like garbage bags being thrown (or rolled, actually) down the side of the hill. I couldn't believe that the people who lived up there would throw their garbage down on us commoners. Then I realized, it wasn't bags of garbage, it was a herd of deer. There had to have been 4 or 5 of them running down the hill and through the yards across the streets. It was magnificent.

There is a child at work who has quite a few issues due to a rough family life. Some people see him approaching them and they get a little worried as to what he will say or do. He came up to me I said hi, and he gave me a huge hug. In the beginning of the school year, he didn't even want someone patting his shoulder. He stuck to me like glue the rest of the morning. It was awesome.

My office is in a classroom that used to belong to my program. Due to lack of space, our room was turned into an actual classroom. I know the teacher, he is also a cancer folk like me. I like him. He's fun, down to earth and realistic. I was sitting in my little office when a sneezing fit attacked. I am not a quiet sneezer. In fact, I can sometime break windows. Not really, but whatever. I felt bad that I was interrupting his teaching, until the whole classroom yelled out guzhuntite (not sure how to spell in German)I peeked my head out the door and said thank you.

I had to take both children to the doctor for well visits (I was a little late on Nadia's). Claire is now 5 so she had to get her 5 year old shots. Yikes. When the time came for the three shots, all hell broke loose. It took three of us to get the deed done. Claire cried (of course) but then I saw that Nadia was crying. She has done this before. There have been times when Claire got hurt and was crying, and Nadia tears up. She honestly feels really bad when Claire is in pain. In fact, every time Claire brought up the shots later that night (which was A LOT as you can imagine), Nadia would tear up again, saying that she was sad that Claire had owies. Nadia has proclaimed that she will never turn 5 because she doesn't want those shots either.

So, I am trying, with the holidays to remind me, that not everything is as it seems, that a lot of things have a ring of hope and promise around them, even if at the time it doesn't seem that way. Happy Holidays everyone!

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