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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In Reference to The Earlier Post

The auction stated, and I quote.....

"HEAVY Heavy Coat, this measures 52 around the bust line and 40 inches in overall length with a drawstring around the hem as well as the waist to block out the wind.4 cargo pockets on the front with buttons for full closure. Sweatshirt material around the inside collar for better comfort. the cuffs are also doubled with sweatshirt material so no wind or rain is going to get in. This resembles a military jacket!"

Basically it was a windbreaker, not suitable for MN winters. What a joke. Doesn't matter, I have taken care of the situation and now have a new winter coat. Yeah for me.


Amalia said...

That jacket looks like a SHIRT! The woman should be barred from selling things on eBay for life. I curse her, too!

Shari said...

The climate where she lives must not get like the Midwest winters. This'll keep me from ordering a coat online. Gotta try it on first. Gotta feel it.

Were you able to return it? Yeah, the shipping and handling thing sucks.