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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Last One

If you are in my address book, you already got a message on this. For those of you who are not, we need a little help in this house. We got another cat over a week ago, and have yet to agree on a name.

I found him outside and after a few days took him to the shelter as it was apparent he didn't have a home. They did testing and updated his shots and now he is ours. Want to help pick a name?

1 comment:

Amalia said...


Or mustard.

Or pumpkin (I hate this one, but you DID just carve some).

I had a cat that looked like him when I was your childrens' age - I named him Fuzzball.

If you want movie references:
Capt. Jack Sparrow-Killer
Fizzgig (from Dark Crystal)
Lloyd (from Say Anything)
Fezzick (from Princess Bride)
Data, Chunk, Mouth, Brand, Sloth, or Mikey (from Goonies)

Need more? Let me know!


PS Congratulations on your new family member! He's a very lucky feline