Friday, October 26, 2007

My Armpit

I hate my left armpit. Not that I have a fondness of the right one, but the left one is just annoying. Let me tell you why.

When I had my first mastectomy, the cancer side, the doctor did a lymph node biopsy, which was located under my arm (the armpit). While I did not have any cancer in the lymph nodes, the biopsy has left me with some unnatural feelings. First, my armpit is numb. Since having this surgery, I have made it a habit to shave that pit first. I hate it. To shave over an area that has no feeling just plain old sucks. I never know if I am going to cut myself, and it's like I keep waiting for the numbness to go away, but it doesn't. I also use my Dove deodorant on that pit first. Same thing. It feels odd not feeling anything. And for some reason I rub it on really fast. I kind of like the coolness you feel when putting deodorant on. Odd, I know.

This whole day I have had an itch not really in my armpit, but it feels like it is under the skin. And because I have no feeling there, no matter how much I try and scratch it, the itch is still there. It's almost a form of torture. A lot of times I end up grunting out of frustration that the itch won't go away. Imagine having a bug bite and not matter how much you scratch, you get no relief. Crappy thought, right?

And then there is the pain that goes along with this armpit of mine. Kind of like someone putting little pins into my skin. Some areas are worse than others, but they all hurt when pushed on or bumped. My poor little pit. We won't even talk about the number that radiation has done to my skin. Maybe I will take a little picture for you to enjoy what I get to enjoy every day. Not of my boobs, pervert, just the effects of radiation.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind getting a new pit if it meant I could get the feeling back and the pain gone. Do they do armpit transplants?


Shari said...

Sorry you have that numbness there. I still have the numb feeling where the c-section was from my second baby. Weird feeling when I get an itch there. Ugh.

So, what did you name your TomKat? I mean, kitty? :)

Kid said...

My arm pits are both itchy and it feels like its under the skin exactly the way you explain theres no bumps or rash it just itches sometimes it just started itching one day,im 16 ive never had any sugery or anything but it is torture i dont know what it is i just want answers so if you could help in any way id really appreciate it mame thank you