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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back to Halloween

I have to go back to Halloween like I said I would to tell you what Dion's costume was, and how the day panned out for him. Actually, I have to go back to the day before Halloween where he told me that his whole team were going to be pirates for Halloween. That's wonderful and all, but Dion lacks in the pirate gear category in our closet. And being a guy, he gave me a day notice to whipped something up for him. On his behalf, I volunteered to find things for him, but none the less, he was strapped for time.

I went to the Salvation puffy shirts, no vests, no nothing. I can't imagine there are people out there who don't donate pirate gear, but that seemed to be the case. I went to Wise Penny, which is another thrift store. They had underwear (ewww!) but no pirate gear. I went to Family Dollar where if Dion were about 8 years old he would have been set. Ok, on to Target. Nothing. On to Walmart. Good lord, nothing again. I would have to put together an outfit of sorts, which is what I did.

Fast forward to Halloween morning where Dion looked oh so pretty in the clothes I bought him. A nice puffy shirt from the ladies section, along with stockings (ladies), capri's (ladies), a red bandana (gender nuteral), and a black shirt (guys) to be cut into a vest. He was hot to trot.

He got to work and was a little confused when his team members were wearing red shirts and jeans, until they put on their homemade face masks. You see, about 6 years ago, Dion posed for a picture in the catalog. He wore a red shirt and jeans.

Pirate gear...$60

Gas money spent on going to 5 different stores...$1,783,983

The look on Dion's face when he figured things out....priceless.

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