Sunday, December 12, 2010

By Request of Some

I have made a change. I had my blog set to private so I could write what I wanted/needed to write. I have decided to change it back to public, but have taken a bunch of posts and set them as drafts so they will be mine and mine alone. This way I can still write what I want to write, and keep them private. So, here I am with a lot to catch up on...

We put Sammie down this fall. She was 13 years old and life was getting hard for her. There was no way that I was going to wait until she was unable to get around and in a lot of pain. I held her after her sedative for a while, smelling her fur, feeling her soft ears, creating memories. Then she was gone. It was a sad day. Very sad. After a few days of being a dog empty house, I began the search for another canine friend. It was needed. Our house was empty. Then I found Jenny. She is a Blue Heeler mixed with maybe some rottie, not sure though. She is 6 years old, and in the few months we have had her, she has become our friend, protector, jester, and companion. She stays with us without having to be on a lead, she listens, she plays with all her toys, she is perfect. I couldn't ask for a better dog.

We are still working on the whole house addition for my mom. Right now the kitchen is being out together. Which is a good thing since Dion's family is coming for the faux Christmas on Thursday. As of right now, we have cabinets. By Wednesday we will have counters, a floor, and appliances. Hopefully. It has been very stressful trying to figure out if this is all going to come together in time. Keeping in mind that all of our previous kitchen stuff is located in our living room. All of it. We have a chest freezer underneath our picture window. we have our old cabinets holding up our microwave which is located right next our recliner. Convenient, really. The fridge is next to the computer, which makes for easy drinking accessibility. Wait, maybe we should keep our kitchen in our living room....

Work is going well. It is exhausting at times, but is going well. I have ten 4-5 year olds which offer entertainment daily. I have them from 7:45-3:45pm. I guess there's a reason I am so tired at night. My boss has given me many compliments, which is nice to hear, and the kids seems to have fun in class.

We got dumped on in the last couple days. About 18 inches of snow. It was so pretty to watch and I was glad we didn't have to go anywhere. Today, on the other hand, feel like we live at the South Pole. The wind chill may get to -30 today. -30!! That's not humane at all! And now the girls can't play outside in all of the fantastic snow!

My mom has been up and down with her health. A few weeks ago I had to call an ambulance for her. I got to her house and she was in so much pain that the home health care nurse suggested I take her in. I didn't feel like I could get her down the stairs by myself so I had to call for help. They gave her morphine during the ride and that helped her a lot. She now has some pain patches and those help too. I am really looking forward to her being here so I can get to her quick and help her fast if needed. I can't count how many times I have gone over to her house because I couldn't get a hold of her. Now I will just go up some stairs.

Ok, I think I have bombarded enough. More to come, at some point.


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