Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mommy and Claire Day

On Wednesday, Claire suggested that we have a Mommy and Claire day on Saturday. This is what she said,

"We could go out to eat lunch and share a desert, and go to the store to pick out Valentine's Day cards for my class."

Seriously, how could anyone say no to that? So we headed out Saturday and the first stop was a surprise for her. I took her to get her nails painted and have little gems glued on to them. You should have seen her cute little face. She was beaming. She picked out purple nail polish (of course) and little diamond like stones. They turned out very nice and she loves them.

She then picked Perkins as the choice of restaurant, but we skipped the desert as we were both stuffed. We then headed out to Target and got her cards and went to the car wash, and then met up with Dion and Nadia at the movies where he dropped Nadia off with us and the three of us saw Tooth Fairy together. It was a perfect day. One that I have stored away in my memory to pull out when Claire is 35 years old and to relish in.

I tell you, life is good.

Until today when she ran a low fever and we had to cancel plans with our friends. Claire and I were in our room watching a movie and Dion sent a text telling me what Nadia had asked,

"Does Claire feel like beautiful hot or like warm hot?"

Oh. My. Gosh. What's not to love about Nadia?


Tammy said...

I love it! I'll have to remember that, beautiful hot or warm hot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sue - This response is not to this latest entry (though it is a really sweet story) but to respond to the one from January 27th. I don't know if you are notified when someone makes a comment on one of your older blogs and I wanted you to see this. Every day I go on a site to Click for Mammagrams and they have blurbs from ladies who have gone through breast cancer. One I particularly took note of: "I didn't fight cancer. Cancer had to fight me. I won." I immediately thought of you when I read it. I loved her perspective and think you will too. This is entered under Anonymous 'cause I can't get my password right, but I'm Pat Jandacek, a friend of Carol's.