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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homework For You, If You Dare

I put a post up on Facebook asking for help, and I am posting it here for those of you who follow me here.

I have a mission for you. In the past when I have gone to my breast cancer check ups, I have sported a cleaver, yet entertaining shirt for my oncologist. Some examples are:

My oncologist is my homeboy

Lost my boobs, not my sense of humor

No they're not real. The real ones tried to kill me

Nice try cancer, but I'm still here

And I did the priceless campaign with my oncologist as the priceless factor. Now I am on a search for a witty shirt to have made for my 6 month check next month. Tap into your creative juices and tell me your most original, funny, cleaver thoughts to be made into a shirt. I need your help here. Nothing inappropriate though as I have to wear it in public. Let's hear it...give me all you've got!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Want me to find more? Half a dozen weren't enough? Lol!