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Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Take It Back

While I was so busy enjoying all of the good that has happened to me this week, I left out something that happened that is by all means, not good, but in fact, dreadful, horrific, and sad.

This goes out to all of the people who were hurt or killed by the collapse of the 35W bridge in Minneapolis, a mere 45 minutes from where I live. It is hard to put into words the feelings one has when you think that it could have been me. I have been on that bridge many times. The udder destruction that has occurred with that bridge is out of my comprehension. I feel terrible for the people who had to ride the bridge down, the people who landed in the water and swam for their lives, the kids on the bus who I am sure will forever have a fear of going over bridges for the rest of their lives.

Here's also to the people who once they were out of their cars, went back to help others get out. Can you imagine the bravery? The stamina? How everyday average Joes, saved life after life? May we all strive to be like them, to help each other, to live. God bless.


Laurie Anne said...

Sue, thanks for making me think and for making me feel grateful.

Shari said...

My heart goes out to all those involved with the fall of the bridge. I don't think I was ever on that bridge. We went on the I94 bridge (I think it was 694, really). It seems so surreal and far away that I don't think about it.

Hey, great news on the contigency. And a-ok checkups. :)

Chris McElvogue said...

Hey Sue!
Long time no talk. This is Chris McElvogue from Working Against Childhood Cancers. A lot of stuff has happened since we last emailed, WACC is now an official 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization! Now that we have this we are starting to get the ball rolling on alot of things. I emailed you a link to our fundraising page, but if you didn't get it or changed emails its . Plus there is a lot of new info on the site, go check it out. Hope to here from you.