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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Patiently Waiting.....

Here is an example of the tattoo that I want done in 3 more days. I am giddy with excitement, and the time is going so slow that I can hardly stand it! This will be my 5th time getting inked, not of course counting the tattoos they use for radiation. 2 of those times were to put additions onto the first tattoo I ever got...the moon. There are quite a few things that eventually I want to add to this tree, but time will tell.

So what does it mean? Well, a tree is very symbolic of life. Changing through the different seasons, the natural beauty that trees posses have always amazed me, the fall colors being my favorite. The angel in the tree is for the first baby I lost, Casey. She is sitting in the tree of life, watching over her family. Her name means "Brave Protector" and there couldn't be a better fit.

Anyway, I will post the actual tattoo when it heals enough to be presentable. EEEEKKKKKK!!! I am so pumped!!!

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