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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's Worse?

I think I made a bad choice. I got the flu inhaled shot 20 days ago. I have been sick for 19. What the heck? Not enough to miss work because of it, but enough to make me grumpy about it. Not much I can do about it I guess, except just say no next year. And forever after that. I am kind of wondering if my Sarcoidosis has played a part in me having such a rough time with this, but who knows? Maybe the radiation has messed up part of my lungs as well.

We are getting closer and closer in being done with the whole addition process. They are working on the little things now, and as it seems we are looking at next weekend to start the moving process with my mom. I was up in her area earlier today and was looking at the sun pouring in through the windows. It was beautiful. I know she will love her area, simply for that. That and she can watch the girls sled down the hill in the backyard just by looking out her window. Yes, this has worked out better than any of us thought it would. I am just feeling the need to get her in here sooner than later. She seems to be in a lot more pain than she has been lately, and I worry quite a but about her. In the past the back surgeon said he wanted her off all pain meds for 3 months prior to him doing surgery. I don't see how that will be possible. Today I mentioned maybe getting a second opinion just to see what another doctor thinks. The plan for now is to try and get the front wound healed, and then go for the second opinion. Something has to change here as she can't keep going in the stage she is in.

I could use a nap. Not that I will get one, I just said I could use one. That and something sweet. And maybe a large win in the lottery. And a bathroom break. Better more ways than one....hahahah!!


E. Chikeles said...

You are hilarious.

Personally I think the flu shot is ridiculous... you know on the warnings they say the side effects of getting a flu shot are "flu-like symptoms" and some warnings say you can have them for two weeks.... huh. There is so much more, but I must contain the hippie in me...

Yeah for Aunt Carol! I'll be praying she can move in quick!

gusDon said...

True, keeping the body to keep fit is important. Sometimes we do not realize that health actually make us always productive...
Maintaining that balance is difficult, but it must be fought!

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