Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Rocking Saturday Night

But not really. In fact the only ones rocking tonight would be Claire and her friend Alli who are doing Just Dance on the Wii. Interesting stuff. Nadia and her friend Eli are upstairs doing lord knows what. They are a lot alike. Almost scary alike. We are having a sleepover with Allie and Eli, who live down the street. A fun group of kids to watch. We'll see what happens at bedtime though.

My mom's carpet was put in yesterday. We are that much closer to her moving in, and she is very excited. Her part of the home looks amazing, and I am excited for her too. There's some odds and ends that need to be done and then it's moving time.

Remember how I said I was sick from the flu shot? I am just starting to lose the cough. Two weeks people. It was almost two weeks ago that this started. What the heck?

I was at Perkins the other day, and I saw the strangest sight. I tried to get a picture of this guy, just to prove what I saw, but I lost the opportunity so I will just have to explain in to you and trust that you will believe what I saw. I had a profile view of a man with a mustache and a beard. He was sitting with a woman, so keep in mind she had a head on view of this guy. As he sat, deep in conversation, I saw something dripping out of his nose which I can only assume was snot. It hung on his mustache and slowly dripped down to where I thought it was going to drip on to his plate. And he just kept talking. And she just kept looking at him, not in awe or disgust, just like a normal conversation with the added effect of snot. I know I furrowed my brow in disbelief as I fumbled for my phone. But after the drip was about an inch long, he wiped it. I didn't see her motion to her own nose in an attempt to tell him he had a little something dripping, so I can only guess he finally noticed that snot was dripping out of his nose. So that was my Perkins adventure, which I missed documenting and posting on Facebook. Sad.

Ok, now I have to do some hairstyles for the girls while the kids all try to agree on one movie to watch. This will be interesting. And probably not productive.


Tammy said...

Gross! I was gagging just reading it! Sue! That's REALLY gross!

Momz Blotter said...

I love your blog, and I love being a follower. I hope you can hop over to mine and follow me. I hope to see you there. Thanks