Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Week for the Books

I am happy that this week is over. Done. Fin. Let's start back with Tuesday, shall we?

The whole day Nadia wasn't feeling herself. She wasn't interested in eating anything, and as the day progressed it became apparent that she was getting sick. She ended up throwing up 2 times Tuesday night with 2 cases of the screaming cha chas as well. We stayed home Wednesday and twice she hit the 104 mark for a fever. She had no interest in eating and asked for water to drink. Thursday morning she was still not doing well at all and her tummy was hurting her pretty bad. Nadia is a tough cookie, and for her to be crying because her tummy hurts, means that she was in a lot of pain. I got an appointment that morning with her doctor. They did a strep test, which was negative, and some blood work which showed she was dehydrated. Our options were to go home and try and get fluids into her, or be admitted and start an IV. I chose to go home and try that first, wanted to avoid having her get stuck again.

Five hours later, and 12 oz of apple juice, things were not getting better. We went back in and they admitted her into the hospital. She was the 4th child to be admitted, all for the same thing. This was some nasty virus. They tried 2 times to get the IV going but her little veins were so crappy from lack of fluid. They got it on the 3rd try, thank God. She got 2 and a half bags of fluid, peed twice (she was a dry dry girl!), morphine for her pain, and was better by the next day. I was in her bed with her that night, watching her sleep, gaining a whole new respect for parents who have seriously ill children. I always had a respect, but this shed some extra light on it.

We went home, and had a few rough patches, but today, she is back to her normal self. My body crashed yesterday and I slept for almost 3 hours. Stress is some strong strong stuff.

So, that's what our week was like. Nadia turns 5 on Thursday.....I can hardly believe it. Where does time go?

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Tammy said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better and I'm kind of glad I wasn't the one working when they took her blood. She would've never talked to me ever if I'd have had to do that!